BRAZIL (Amazon River Basin)


Al has been appointed by RMM to work with SEARA, a boat ministry under Word of Life Brazil, which focuses on evangelism and taking medical teams and supplies to unreached river communities in the Amazon River Basin. His work will involve preaching, teaching, making disciples, planting churches, and training lay leaders.




SEND Interns
Josh is serving as Prayer Coordinator, Janelle is Food Services Assistant, Cameron is Facilities Assistant, Paige is a Hospitality Assistant, Amyis Community Outreach Coordinator, Jenny is a Hospitality Assistant, and Sarah is the Administrative Assistant.




Liz is an associated worker appointed by RMM and sent by Agape Community Fellowship (Hilliard, Ohio) to work with VidaNet, a discipleship training school based in Talamanca, Costa Rica. Liz and her husband Manuel are mentoring students, working with local children, building friendships, and discipling university students.




Sheryl is an associated worker sent by Maple City Chapel and Rosedale Mennonite Missions. She will be working at the Shekinah Foundation, a ministry operated by the Ecuadorian Mennonite Conference. Her role will include organizing service and evangelism projects and providing spiritual care for at-risk children and their families.




Eurasia REACH Team




Himalayas REACH Team
Kyle, Valerie, Justin, Isaac, Isaac (team leader), Edith




Indochina REACH Team
Seth, Shontel, Kara (team leader), Trevor



LAMP (Latin American Missions Partnership)

     Larry & Dot serve as LAMP Coordinators and country representatives to Nicaragua. In addition to promoting missions in churches in Nicaragua, Larry and Dot are responsible to give leadership to the LAMP program, overseeing communication and the implementation of programs.
     Dion & Naty are country representatives to Ecuador. In that role, they hope to help establish a vision for missions in the Mennonite churches of Ecuador and motivate young people to respond to God's call to go and make disciples.

Dave & Mayela are LAMP country representatives to Costa Rica. In that role, they hope to help establish a vision for missions in the Costa Rican Mennonite churches and motivate young people from Costa Rica to respond to God's call to go and make disciples.




Medditerranean REACH Team
Alexis, Keziah, JennIa, Paige (team leader)



Pablo & Judi live in Granada, an old Moorish city in southern Spain. They both teach English as a second language, and are forming bonds through activities like hiking and singing in a community choir. Group settings like these are important in Granadian culture. A small community of faith is beginning to take shape.


Phil & Maretta have been appointed to work in Malaga, Spain. Plans are being made for them to work in partnership with a local church in Malaga, equipping them to make disciples.



Angie is working to disciple new believers and train leaders. She plans to engage in care for orphans and victims of human trafficking after an initial emphasis on building friendships and studying the Thai language and culture.


Anna has joined RMM’s Thailand team as a covenant worker. She is employed as an ESL teacher in Bangkok. In addition to her work and ministry there, she is working with the RMM team to disciple seekers and new believers through the formation of small, reproducing groups.


Jada is living in Bangkok as a part of RMM’s team in Thailand. During her first year, she is studying Thai language and culture while preparing to partner with a local organization that helps to rescue, restore, and empower women trapped in the sex trade industry.


Jonatan is a LAMP worker from Nicaragua, partnering with the RMM team in Bangkok, Thailand. He will spend his first year building relationships, learning language and culture, and researching long-term employment and visa options.


Karly and Jacob are working to disciple new believers and train leaders. Theyplan to engage in care for orphans and victims of human trafficking after an initial emphasis on building friendships and studying the Thai language and culture.


Nixson and Rhonda have been appointed jointly by RMM and LAMP as workers to Bangkok, Thailand. Nixson previously lived and worked in student ministry in a Thai university for five years, and Rhonda was previously a part of the team as a REACHer and missionary assistant. They plan to move to Thailand in January 2015 and will be working with the RMM team to disciple new believers and train and mentor leaders.


Tom, Candice and family oversee the work of the RMM team in Bangkok, Thailand. Along with the team, they are forming friendships, discipling small groups of new believers in Jesus, and training emerging leaders.


Thailand REACH Team
Hannah, Diamond, Emily, Morgan, Lacy (team leader)




Montana REACH Team
David, Damian, Julie, Brianna (team leader), Scott


Rosedale Mennonite Missions works in countries where few people have heard the gospel—“least reached” areas. Some of these are “sensitive” locations. In these countries, RMM workers can put themselves in danger or face legal consequences, sometimes deportation, if they are known as missionaries or “proselytizers.” We believe it is critical to share the good news in these places, despite cultural or legal opposition, just as Jesus risked the wrath of the Pharisees to heal and do good on the Sabbath (see Matthew 12).

We want to do our best, however, to make sure no information is published that could compromise what these workers are trying to accomplish or put them at personal risk. Therefore the following workers are not pictured and are listed under pseudonyms.


  Esta Felder writes and directs dramas and is training believers in theater. In the verbal-oriented culture of the Middle East, storytelling is an effective way to reach the hearts and minds of the people and change lives. She created a website that now has over 65 plays available in the local language. The plays are used by the monthly youth meetings, in regular church services, at camps, retreats, and conferences for a variety of purposes: to teach the youth, encourage and build up community, and reach out to non-believers.
  Judah and Rayna are learning language and building relationships in a strategic urban center. While serving as students, their vision is to help spark a people movement to Jesus in the city.
  A couple is serving as global consultants for mission and church leaders both in the RMM family and beyond. They are based in the Middle East for a year, mentoring emerging leaders in the region and also serving in other parts of the world where their experiences and gifts can be utilized.



Amos serves as an intern with RMM’s team in North Africa. He works in one of the largest cities in this region, teaching English as a second language.


Josiah, Sara and five children have recently relocated to a smaller town that is home to the ethnic and linguistic group that they have been preparing to live among. They continue to partner with local associations in giving health education, doing agricultural projects, and teaching English as needed. Their vision is to be a catalyst for development in rural and neglected areas of the country, all the while planting seeds of the good news of Jesus.


Eugene, Katrina and two children are learning language and building relationships with a vision to cultivate a movement to Jesus among an unreached people group. They are also working towards starting a business which will create natural connections in North Africa.


Raleigh, Opal and three children are jointly appointed by RMM and Virginia Mennonite Missions. They are building relationships and learning language as part of a long-term vision to encourage a people movement toward Jesus. They hope to partner with locals and other workers in agricultural development and teaching English.

Cora serves as a childcare provider for Raleigh and Opal's family. She is also studying the local languages and using her degree in education to point locals toward Jesus.


Wyatt is joining RMM’s team in North Africa with a desire to see the church established among those who have not yet heard the Gospel. During this initial phase he is pursuing different opportunities for future work while studying the local language and culture.



  William, Rebecca and four children deeply enjoy living in East Asia where they work with a coffee business. Their desire is to help people prosper both physically and spiritually.



Hiralal, Bindu, and Protap
This country in South Asia is very densely populated and the economy is heavily focused on agriculture. Many live in extreme poverty with high risk of infectious disease. The country suffers from chronic flooding during the wet season, and many of the nation’s poor rice farmers are forced to live in flood-prone areas. While most of the people are Muslim, about 10% are Hindu. RMM is working to support the efforts of Hiralel,* his wife Bindu,* and Protap,* who work to build leadership in a small but thriving church movement in these Hindu communities.



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